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Two Irish lads had been out shacking up with their girl friends. One felt guilty and decided he should stop at the church and confess. He went into the confession booth and told the irish father, "irish father, I have sinned. I have committed fornication with a lady. Please forgive me."

The irish father said, "Tell me who the lady was."

The lad said he couldn't do that and the irish father said he couldn't grant him forgiveness unless he did.

"Was it Mollie O'Grady ?" asked the irish father."


"Was it Rosie Kelly?"


"Was it that red-headed wench Tessie O'Malley?"


"Well then," said the irish father, "You'll not be forgiven."

When the lad met his friend outside the friend asked, "So, did you find forgiveness."

"No," said the other, "but I picked up three good prospects!"

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